What Is Good For Nausea During Pregnancy ?

What Is Good For Nausea During Pregnancy ? When does nausea start during pregnancy and when does it end? What is good for nausea?
What Is Good For Nausea During Pregnancy ?


When does nausea start during pregnancy and when does it end? What is good for nausea? Nausea is one of the health problems seen especially in the first weeks and months of pregnancy. At what week does nausea begin in pregnancy by expectant mothers? The answers to the question are very curious. We researched this issue for you. 

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy are caused by changes in hormones, and in some pregnant women this may continue throughout the pregnancy. Nausea, which is considered one of the first symptoms of pregnancy, occurs in 75-80% of pregnant women. This problem is encountered, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, when the hCG hormone increases in the blood. The increase in other hormones along with the estrogen hormone is the main cause of nausea during pregnancy. Stress, sadness, and depression can also trigger nausea.


Nausea and vomiting, which usually starts around the 4th or 6th week of pregnancy, is known as one of the early pregnancy symptoms. Nausea and vomiting, which gets worse in the 8th week, may continue until the last month of pregnancy, although rarely. It is also called morning sickness because nausea and vomiting usually occur in the early morning hours.


Nausea in pregnancy starts at this time, we can't say for sure as it ends at this time. Because this situation can vary from person to person. The onset and end of nausea differs from person to person, and the severity of nausea also differs. Nausea, which is more or less in some, ends when the body gets used to the change of hormones. The habituation phase usually coincides with the 14th week. But of course, we can't say that nausea suddenly stops like a knife in the 14th week. It gradually decreases over time and after a while the nausea stops.


The time and severity of nausea can vary from person to person, as well as whether or not to experience this distress. After all, everyone's pregnancy process is unique. As it is natural to experience nausea during pregnancy, it is natural not to experience this situation. As a result, this shows us that the body of pregnant women who experience nausea is more difficult to adapt to the changing hormonal order, while the bodies of pregnant women who do not experience nausea adapt more easily to the new order. 

What Is Good For Nausea During Pregnancy ?


  • When you wake up in the morning, pretzels, crackers, white chickpeas etc. Eating salty foods will be good for nausea. 
  • Take a brisk walk outdoors every day. 
  • Ginger lemon tea both strengthens immunity and cures nausea. 
  • Your stomach should not be empty for a long time. He should eat little and often throughout the day. 
  • If there are odors and foods that bother you in the environment you are in, the environment should be ventilated and away from the environment.
  •  In the period when nausea is intense, you should prefer oil-free, non-spicy and light foods instead of fried, spicy, acidic foods. 
  • For example, doing exercises as your doctor deems appropriate; pregnant pilates, swimming, brisk walking outdoors, etc. It will be good for your stomach and you.
  •  Since your body is tired will increase nausea, getting plenty of rest will relax you.
  •  The smell of lemon will be good for nausea. Throwing lemon slices in water or iced tea can be a good solution. 
  • Stress negatively affects the functioning of hormones and triggers nausea. Stay away from stress and people who upset you. 
  • Vitamin supplements that you will use during pregnancy should be under the supervision of a doctor. Vitamin B6 can reduce your nausea, while iron medications can increase it. Therefore, iron medication should not be used for the first 3 months unless necessary. If the doctor deems it necessary, he or she may recommend vitamin B6.


There are many superstitions in the geography we live in. One of them is that nausea in pregnancy is related to gender. According to popular belief, nausea during pregnancy indicates that the baby is a boy. There is no scientific basis for this situation. It is not possible to understand the gender by looking at the presence of nausea during pregnancy, the severity if any, or the time of the day.

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