How Is Ear Lobe Shaping Made?

Ear Lobe Repair Performed in this publication? How to Reduce Ear Lobe? How to Enlarge Ear Lobe?
How Is Ear Lobe Repair Done ?


How is Ear Lobe Repair Performed in this publication? How to Reduce Ear Lobe? How to Enlarge Ear Lobe? You can find answers to questions such as:

Earlobes - shrink, enlarge, straighten

While earlobes have no biologically explainable use, they do have sensory appeal, and their appearance is by no means unimportant, despite the small footprint they occupy. Many consider earlobes to be erogenous zones.

Although earrings are adorned with ear clips and earrings, they are subject not only to appearance but also to sometimes significant stress and the natural aging process.

Earlobe corrections may be desired or necessary for a variety of reasons:

Jewelry carries a certain weight and puts pressure on the skin and tissue of the earlobe. Earlobes or "ear holes" can wear down and become unsightly over time. Sometimes the ear studs can then literally "fold" in the earlobe. The ear holes and entire earlobes may tear from the mishap and have to be closed or narrowed again without scarring.

Age can also sagging tissue and cause unfortunate earlobe-to-ear proportions.

Inadequate facelift can sometimes result in unsightly, indistinct earlobes.

After wearing a tunnel piercing, the earlobe should be resealed.

Ears that were pierced on your own or incorrectly many years ago are very large and slit-shaped.

Finally, the earlobes can grow insufficiently even without external influences and disturb the wearer.

The plastic surgeons at Heller Ludwig Aesthetics can perform any imaginable earlobe correction. We are among the most qualified doctors in the region in terms of education and experience. Also, an earlobe intervention is low-risk and minimally invasive, as the result is pure adipose tissue without cartilage. In addition, it is relatively insensitive to pain, so it is often used to draw blood.

How to Fix Ear Moisture ?

Depending on the topic, there are various procedures and techniques that we will discuss in detail with you in the preliminary talk. All interventions are performed under local anesthesia, no hospitalization is required, you can work again the next day.

Earlobe reduction is a minor surgical procedure. Most commonly, earlobes are made smaller by removing a small wedge-shaped triangle or two from the earlobe tissue and re-joining the edges.

The procedure usually takes a maximum of two and a half hours for both ears. You can then leave the application again and see the finished result after about two weeks when the wound has healed.

Proper cooling of the wound immediately after the procedure and careful sleeping on the back helps. The earlobes should not be showered or exposed to the sun.

How Is Ear Lobe Repair Done ?


Ear Lobe Augmentation

With the targeted injection of hyaluronic acid, the earlobes are enlarged. By depositing this natural and endogenous filling into the earlobe, new volume is added to the earlobe in a targeted and proportional manner. Hyaluronic acid also binds water and "swells" the earlobe, giving it a more youthful appearance.

However, this effect wears off after a while because your body breaks down hyaluronic acid and therefore needs to be repeated.

For a permanent result, the hyaluronic acid injection may need to be repeated after a while as the substance is broken down by the body.

Correction for Torn or Stretched Ear Holes

Heavy earrings or tunnel piercings worn over a long period of time put such pressure on the earlobe that the resulting stretching of the skin or earlobe is irreversible. Even doing it without earrings does not help the shape of the earlobe to return to normal, on the contrary, it only makes the condition of the earlobe more visible to others in case of doubt.

The “wedge technique” described above is also used for earlobe correction.

What kind of scars or scars remain on the earlobe after the operation?

As a rule, the sutures are sewn so carefully that a scar remains in the form of a very small white stripe, which is almost invisible at a normal distance. But in the process, you can continue your life without any scars thanks to scar removal creams

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