How to Make itch Powder at Home ?

How to Make Itch Powder at Home?
How to Make itch Powder at Home ?


In this publication, How to Make Itch Powder at Home? you can learn.

Itching powder is one of the prank items that can be used to prank others. Read below how you can make itching powder yourself.

How to make rosehip itch powder

If you want to make itching powder yourself, you can use rose hips. They grow in sunny places from late September to February, often on hedges at the edges of forests and meadows.

Here's how it's done:

1. Collect ripe rosehips for itching powder. The fruits are ripe when they are bright red and nicely rounded.

2. Carefully cut the collected rose hips using a small, sharp paring knife.

3. Take the whitish small seeds with a teaspoon and put them in a bowl.

4. The nuclei have fine hairs with spines at the ends. Carefully remove the pulp, as these spines cause itching in homemade itching powder.

5. Now the rosehip seeds need to be dried. If the weather is bad, place the seed bowl in the sun or in the heater. Drying with pure air without the addition of heat is also possible. Drying in the sun or heat takes about three to four hours, otherwise about seven to eight hours.

6. The dried rosehip seeds are transferred to a small bag, now the itching powder is ready. To piss someone off, some of the seeds are removed and then poured onto the collar of someone who will be sorely itchy.

But be careful: The person should not be allergic to rosa rugosa (rose family) or ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

How to make itching powder from black pepper

Alternatively, you can also make itching powder from black peppercorns. Production runs all year and is very fast:

1. Put the black peppers in a bowl and crush them roughly with a pestle and pestle. It is important not to grind the grains too finely for correct itching.

2. Fill the cayenne pepper in a small bag and the itch powder is ready for first use.

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