Duck Egg Storage Methods ?

How to Store Duck Eggs ?


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Duck eggs are not as common as chicken eggs, but they are just as easy to prepare and store. Duck eggs are larger in size and have a larger yolk and are richer in nutrients than chicken eggs.

Since their shells are thicker, they have a longer shelf life than chicken eggs. Duck eggs can be stored for six weeks if refrigerated, or two weeks if not.


* Fill the kitchen sink with hot water and unscented dish soap. Carefully wash each egg to remove any dirt or debris.

* Carefully dry each egg with a towel. Discard any eggs that may be damaged or cracked. Put the dried eggs in a large bowl or other container.

* Duck eggs are kept in a cool and dry place for two weeks. Put duck eggs in the refrigerator for six weeks.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure you buy your duck eggs from a reliable source or collect them yourself to ensure their freshness.

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